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Instructor Barry Falck

Instructor Barry Falck has been with Ki C Yoon Martial Arts since 2001, he fell in love with the martial art after watching a demo at the Marda Gras event. After 2 ½ years of diligent training he received his Black belt in 2003 after being asked to skip a belt to test for black.

In late 2005 Instructor Barry had a surgery that put him out of action for several months after which he moved to a different part of the city, started another post-secondary degree and lost contact with the studio which had moved locations. Instructor Barry tried training at a different Hap Ki Do studio in 2009 for about a year that was in a convenient location, however he missed the discipline, tradition and quality of the Ki C Yoon studio.

In 2013 after getting married he reconnected with the Ki C Yoon Studio and brought his new wife, Therese, to begin her journey into Hap Ki Do. Instructor Barry rekindled his love of Hap Ki Do and the Ki C Yoon studio in a way that he never experienced before and now passionately enjoys teaching teen and junior classes.

Instructor Barry has learned through Hap Ki Do that there may be some things in life that are beyond your capability, but with consistent and diligent training and by pushing yourself constantly you can achieve much more than you ever thought was possible.

Life is a journey and to complete a journey you must put one foot in front of another, which is his approach to life inside and outside of the studio.