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Head Master Michael Yoon

Master Michael Yoon has been following the family tradition in the art of Hap Ki Do and in the art of healing since he was a child. Along with his younger brother, Master Rob Yoon, they have both followed the teaching and leadership from their father Grandmaster Ki. C. Yoon and feels honoured to pass this knowledge to willing, motivated and focused students. It is the consistent and diligent habits that form who we are and believes that martial arts training that have influenced him as a child has developed the character of commitment, honour, and dedication. Master Michael Yoon's family follows the habits and routines of “martial arts way of life”, dedicating their lives training and practising Hap Ki Do minimum 3 times a week fortifying their body and mind to enhance their lives in school, work and play. Being a Hap Ki Do master, he believes there is a fine balance in attaining character, wisdom and humility and therefore believes that these traits are essential components of being a positive member of our society.